What is the difference between JustGive and JustGiving

JustGive was acquired by JustGiving in July 2016. The JustGive website is being phased out while the JustGiving website continues to process donations. Your JustGive and JustGiving accounts will NOT be merged. You will be able to acess your JustGive history from a link in your JustGiving account. Any new donations will be processed by JustGiving.


Why should I create a JustGiving account if I already have a JustGive one?

All new donations will be processed through JustGiving. For access to those donation reports and to customize your charity profile as it appears on JustGiving, you'll have to create a charity account.

If you would like access to the back end of your account, to see donor data and gain access to more tools and features, you can claim your account by filling out this short application form: http://pages.contact.justgiving.com/findoutmore

Please note that if you want to confirm the address we're sending the checks to, you'll need to claim your account. You can change the address in the Branding and Settings tab once logged in.

You can find out more about JustGiving and our fees here: https://pages.justgiving.com/charities.html


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