What is reach and how is it calculated?

Total reach is the potential number of people who can see content about your cause on the JustGiving platform - via our website and the notifications we send them by email. 

It's calculated by looking at the people who have supported your cause on JustGiving (we call these your first-degree connections) and all the people they are connected to (we call these your second-degree connections).

Your first degree connections are people that have either fundraised for, donated to or Cared for your charity on JustGiving.

Your second degree connections are their friends. It's made up the following people:

  • Friends that have sponsored them whilst fundraising for your charity
  • Friends that have been added to JustGiving when they've imported email addresses from the personal address book
  • Friends they are connected to on Facebook that also have a JustGiving account

The more people connected to your cause, the greater reach you'll have on JustGiving. That means people are more likely to see content about your charity in their Feed or in Social notifications.

How can we increase our reach on JustGiving?

Getting people to, Care, fundraise or give online are the first steps to growing your reach on JustGiving. Read these free resources to find learn:



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