Understanding your Insights dashboard (UK Only)

Your Insights dashboard helps you track your reach and measure your impact on JustGiving. On the 5th of each month, it will update to tell you the number of people you have reached, the number of actions they have been inspired to take and the money they have raised for your cause.

How do I view my Insights dashboard?

1. Log in to your charity account.

2. Go to the Reports tab and click on Insights.

What's included in my Insights dashboard?

Your Insights dashboard has three sections:

  • People reached
  • Actions inspired
  • Money raised

Let's take a closer look at each one...

People reached

In this section we focus on Reach. Reach is the potential number of people who can see content about your cause through JustGiving. It's calculated by looking at the people who have supported your cause on JustGiving (we call these your first-degree connections) and all the people they are connected to (we call these your second-degree connections).


  1. The line graph shows your total reach on JustGiving and how it has changed month on month.
  2. This symbol shows if your reach has increased or stayed the same. Underneath you'll see how much your reach has grown on the previous month.
  3. This is your total reach score. Underneath you'll find a top tip to help you boost that number next month.

Actions inspired

In this section we show you the number of actions people have taken on JustGiving to show they care about your cause. 

The first graph shows you pages created and donations. If you notice a spike in a certain month you can use your fundraising page report or donations report to find out more about it. 


  1. The orange line shows the number of donations made to your charity each month.
  2. The green bar chart shows the number of pages created for your charity each month.
  3. In the 'Pages created this year' box to the right, you'll see the total number of fundraising pages created for your charity this year and how this changed from last month, along with another top tip to help increase you this number next month.
  4. In the 'Donations this year' box you'll see the total number of donations made to your charity this year and how much this has changed compared with the previous month.

The second graph shows how many Cares your charity has received.


5.  The orange line shows the number of Cares your charity has received over the past year.

6.  In the box to the right you'll see whether you received more Cares that month, the total number of Cares to date and a tip to increase your number of Cares next month.

Money raised

In this section we look at the money your charity has raised on JustGiving. It's broken down by donations made to fundraising pages and donations made directly to your charity. To get more detail about these donations log in your account and download your payment reports.


  1. The green bars show you the value of donations* made to your fundraising pages each month.
  2. The orange bars show the value of donations* made directly to your charity each month.
  3. The 'Raised from fundraising pages this year' box shows if your fundraising page donations increased or decreased in the past month, and on the right, the value raised to date.
  4. The 'Raised from direct donations this year' box shows you if your direct donations have increased or decreased in the past month and the value raised to date.

If you add these values together you'll be able to see the total amount raised by your charity on JustGiving this year.

*If you are in the UK, please note the donation totals on the dashboard do not include Gift Aid


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