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What are JustGiving's fees?

It’s free to fundraise for, or donate to, a charity through JustGiving. We charge our charity members a small transaction fee (5%) on each donation plus a card processing fee from our partners, WorldPay, then reinvest these fees into making constant improvements to JustGiving and offering new services.

How does it work for a typical 100.00 د.إ  donation?

  • Step 1: You Donate - 100.00 د.إ
  • Step 2: WorldPay will then deduct their transaction processing fee of 2.9% = 2.9 د.إ
  • Step 3: JustGiving deduct fee of 5% = 5.00 د.إ
  • Step 4: We pay over to the charity 92.10 د.إ

We pay donations directly into the JustGiving Charity Trust Funds, we then deduct the fees before transferring the donations across to you on a monthly basis.

If the donation currency is different to the currency of which the donors bank account is held then the card holder will incur an additional cost by their bank as a conversion cost, this is not done by JustGiving and this fee is variable across banks i.e. If my bank account is in GBP and I make a donation to a charity in dirham then I will incur a conversion cost, however the charity will still only be charged the dirham transaction fee of 2.9% (+5% JG fee)

Is there an additional set up fee?

No, there's no set-up fee to become a JustGiving member charity and you can cancel any time (you just need to give us one month's notice in an email/letter).

Why we charge a 5% transaction fee

Think of our service as ‘pay-as-you-go’: rather than build and maintain expensive technologies, charities choose to pay a little each time they use our service.

It is easy to forget that fundraising costs charities a lot of money. On average, a UK charity spends between 15p and 25p upfront to raise £1, with no guarantee of success. By comparison, JustGiving provides a low-cost and risk-free method of fundraising, while giving the smallest charity access to the very latest technology innovations.

In return for the 5% fee, this is what you get as a charity member:

  1. A world-class, ultra-robust service

It’s our 5% fee that allows us to keep our website robust. It won’t fall over when there’s a rush of donations. At our busiest times, it easily processes two donations every second.
   2.    A constant stream of innovative fundraising tools

It’s also our 5% fee that allows us to keep building fundraising tools that make it even easier for you to reach more people and raise more money. We spend our days dreaming up new ways to help charities raise more. Have a look at a few of our innovations: our Facebook and smartphone apps, our integration with Facebook and Twitter... We’re proud to report that it’s working. And we couldn’t do it without charging the 5% fee.

  1. Expert support on the phone and by email

We’ve got a dedicated team of friendly, knowledgeable people here to help you, your fundraisers and your donors. They are real people, they know what they’re talking about and they support our community by phone and email. It is our 5% fee that allows us to provide this expert support to charities, fundraisers and donors five days a week.

We are confident that, even after paying our fees, charities raise more on JustGiving.

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