Can I sell tickets through a JustGiving fundraising page? (UK only)

JustGiving fundraising pages are not designed to be used to sell tickets, but charities have in the past used a fundraising page to do this.

If you want to create a fundraising page to sell tickets there are a few things you'll need to include on the page to ensure you’re:

  • abiding by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) rules about Gift Aid
  • receiving the details that you need from your donors.

HMRC regulations say that if you’re getting something in return for a donation, it’s really a purchase and your charity can't reclaim Gift Aid on it. So when someone makes a donation to a page selling tickets it's important that they don't claim Gift Aid.

Find out more information about HMRC’s Gift Aid regulations.

Donors should not put a tick in the box next to the highlighted statement below so Gift Aid is not added to their donation.


If you are setting up a raffle please ensure you familiarise yourself with the Gambling Commission's regulations around online fundraising.

What should we do when we create our page?

Ask people in the Story section of the page to give you their contact details so they can receive their ticket/prize. They can do this by:

    • ticking the box to agree to be contacted by the charity
    • emailing their contact details to you once they've made a donation.

Remind Donors not to add Gift Aid to their donations. If a donor has added Gift Aid to their donation by mistake, they can always remove Gift Aid from their donation by clicking the link to Review before donating button, then editing their donation to remove the Gift Aid.

If someone does claim Gift Aid on their donation by mistake and it’s within 12 hours, we can remove the Gift Aid for you. If it's longer than 12 hours we will need to refund the donation so they can make it again. Find out more about how we refund donations.

For each fundraising page you create, you can personalise the thank-you message a donor receives with their donation receipt. You may want to ask donors in this message to bring their donation receipt with them to the event to gain entry. Alternatively, you could ask them to email the charity with their donation reference number and their contact details so a ticket can be sent to them.


Depending on the type of fundraising page you create it may be possible for you to remove the option to add gift aid to donations. Visit this help article to see how you can disable Gift Aid for your fundraising page.

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