Adding the Care button to your website

Clicking Care is a simple way for someone to show they support your cause and inspire others to do the same. Think of it as a warm-up action – the start of a supporter journey that can lead to a deeper connection with your charity. 

Your total number of Cares on JustGiving is the number of people who have clicked Care along with the number of people who have fundraised for you or donated directly to your cause on JustGiving.

How can I add the Care button to our site?

1.  Log in to your charity account.

2.  Click on Fundraising tools and select Buttons.

3.  Click on the Care button under Step 1.

Care button.png
4.  The HTML code for the button will appear in the box to the right, under Step 2. You or your web manager can then insert this code into your website.

5.  Click Copy if you'd like to add the HTML directly to your website yourself. The information will be saved to your clipboard and can then be pasted directly into your charity's website. You can also opt to add an email address so you can send the code directly to your web manager or whoever updates your website.

6.  When your supporters click on the button, it adds a care to your website and JustGiving profile page.

Do you have any examples of charities using the Care button?

A few charities promoting the Care button on their websites are:

 If you have any questions about the adding the button to your website contact us on 


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