Adding a ‘Make a page’ or 'Start fundraising' button to your website

The easiest way to get people fundraising online for your charity is to add one of our 'Make a page' or 'Start fundraising' buttons to your website.

You can find a set of ready-made buttons in your charity account. They look like this:



How can I add a ‘Make a page’ or ‘Start fundraising’ button to our website?

  1. Log in to your charity account.
  2. Click on Fundraising tools and select Buttons.
  3. Pick the one you’d like to use and click on it.
  4. The HTML code for the button will appear in the box to the right, under Step 2. You or your web manager will then need to add this code to your website.
  5. Click Copy if you'd like to add the HTML directly to your website yourself. The information will be saved to your clipboard and can then be pasted directly into your charity's website. You can also opt to add an email address so you can send the code directly to your web manager or whoever updates your website.
  6. When people click on your button, they'll be taken to your profile on JustGiving, for example
  7. If you want to direct supporters to a different page, you can edit the HTML code to include an alternative web address.

Prefer to add a widget to your website? Then visit What widgets can you add to your website?

Once you’ve added a button to your website, we suggest adding the below text so your supporters can easily find out a bit more about JustGiving:

Raise more with a JustGiving page

Forget those old-fashioned sponsorship forms and get online with a JustGiving page! It’s easy to share with friends and family on email and social media, so you’ll reach more people and raise more for your cause. 

Show you care. Create a JustGiving page today.

Do you have any examples of charities using 'Make a page' or 'Start fundraising' buttons?

A few examples of charities already using our buttons are:

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