Adding an 'In memory' button to your website

Adding one of our 'Remember' or 'In memory' buttons to your website makes it simple for your supporters to raise money online to remember a loved one.

These ready-made buttons are available to download in your charity account. They look like this:


How can I add a ‘Remember’ or ‘In memory’ button to our website?

  1. Log in to your charity account.
  2. Click on Fundraising tools and select Buttons.
  3. Pick the one you’d like to use and click on it.
  4. The HTML code for the button will appear in the box to the right, under Step 2. You or your web manager will then need to add this code to your website.
  5. Click Copy if you'd like to add the HTML directly to your website yourself. The information will be saved to your clipboard and can then be pasted directly into your charity's website. You can also opt to add an email address so you can send the code directly to your web manager or whoever updates your website.
  6. When your supporters click on the button, they'll be directed to the JustGiving website where they can create their in memory fundraising page. If you want to direct supporters to a different page, you can edit the HTML code to include an alternative web address.


Once you’ve added a button to your website, we suggest adding the below text to tell your supporters can a little more about in memory fundraising:

"Create an In memory page on JustGiving

Raising money in someone's memory is a special way to celebrate their life.

You can create an in memory page on JustGiving, where you can tell the story of the person you're remembering (using words, photos and video) and explain why you're raising money in their memory. 

Your friends and family can give to your page easily, safely and securely, wherever they, whenever they want to. Together you can create a lasting tribute in memory of your loved one."

Do you have any examples of charities promoting JustGiving in memory?

A few examples of charities already using JustGiving in memory:

If you've got any questions about in memory fundraising, just get in touch with our friendly charity team. 

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