How JustTextGiving works for your donors

How does JustTextGiving work for our donors?

All your supporters have to do is text your charity's code along with their donation amount to 70070. We recommend choosing the amount you'd like people to give and adding it to the end of your text code. It's much clearer for your supporters and is a stronger call to action.

So for example:

  • For text code DEMO46 and a suggested donation value of £1, you would say: To donate £1 to Demo Charity text DEMO46 £1.
  • For text code DEMO46 and a suggested donation value of £5, you would say: To donate £5 to Demo Charity text DEMO46 £5.

If they'd like to claim Gift Aid on their donation, they just need to follow the instructions in the reply text from us.

When advertising your code we recommend that you include the following information on your website, to assist potential and actual donors:

You can donate to our charity by texting [your JustTextGiving code] followed by the amount you wish to donate, to 70070.

You can donate £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10.

As an example, to donate £5, you would text the following to 70070: [your JustTextGiving code] £5

All the money you donate goes to us. You may be charged for your text message. Please refer to your network operator’s standard rates.

If you have any questions about JustTextGiving, visit

Will donors be able to choose their donation amounts?

The donor specifies the amount they would like to give in their text message. They can choose from the following donation amounts: £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 and £10, giving up to a maximum of £30 per day.

You can choose to promote a specific amount that you would prefer people to donate. However, you cannot limit your account so that only certain amounts can be donated. The decision is ultimately up to the donor, so even if you promote your code with a suggested donation, the donor could still choose to give an alternative amount. 

What happens if a donor requests a refund?

JustGiving is unable to process refunds for text donations. These donations are passed to us by the mobile phone operator and aren't actually processed by JustGiving

Please ask your supporters to contact their mobile operator to make this request. Please note that refunds are at the mobile operator’s discretion.

Can text donations be made from outside the UK?

Donors can only make a text donation abroad if they have a contract with a UK mobile operator. Some overseas text message costs may be applied.

Anyone whose phone operates on a non-UK mobile phone network cannot make a text donation using JustTextGiving. This also includes anyone visiting the UK and roaming on a UK network. 

How much will donors be charged?

100% of the donation goes to your charity. Standard message rates may apply.

How do we get details of who has donated?

Charities on the JustGiving plan can download details of opted-in donors in their payment reports. Where a donor has opted-in to keep in touch with a charity, we will provide their name, postal address and email address.

This feature is not available to charities on the JustTextGiving plan.

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