Understanding your text donation payments

How often will we receive text donation payments?

Once someone makes a text donation it will appear on their next phone bill. Once they've paid this, we'll then receive the donation which we pass on to you. The time this takes depends mainly on the time of the month the donation was made and when the donor then pays their bill.

Payment times also vary depending on the type of plan your charity is on and your payment type.

Check out the table below for a breakdown of our payment schedules:

Type of plan




Payment type




From donation to payment

This is the time between the donation being made and us paying you the donation.


Up to 99 days* (due to the payment cycle involving donor’s mobile phone operators)


Up to 99 days*


Up to 159 days*

*We rely on third parties to help operate our text giving service please see our terms and conditions for full details.

How will we know a payment has been made?

If you're on the JustGiving plan:   

  • You'll receive your text donations along with any other donations made via JustGiving. These will appear in your payment reports marked as SMS under the 'Payment type' column. You'll receive an email each time a payment report is available. You can only access these reports if you have full membership. So if you're on JustText, you'll have to upgrade your account.

If you're on the JustText plan:

  • If you've registered your bank details with us then we'll make the payment directly into your bank account as a BACS transfer. We'll send you a remittance advice by email when a payment has been made to your charity. 
  • If you haven't registered your bank details with us and are receiving payments by cheque, you'll also receive remittance advice by email. Find out more about registering your bank details so that you receive your payments more quickly.

Why is the donation amount not what I was expecting?

Your charity account dashboard may show a larger amount than you have received as your dashboard updates in real time and shows the donations that have been made up to the minute. Your payment includes donations made a period of time ago. So donations made more recently won't have been paid over to you yet. 

Charities on the JustGiving plan can run a 'direct donation' report to find out exactly when donations were made and whether they have been paid over yet. Please note though that this reporting isn't available to charities on JustTextGiving.

You can find out more about upgrading to the JustGiving plan here.

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