Setting up and managing your text codes

How do I set up a text code and start receiving text donations?

1. Log in to your charity account

2. Click on Fundraising

3. Select Text donation campaigns: 


4. If you've never used the text service before, you'll be asked to add a short charity name. This is what will be included in the thank-you messages your text donors receive. We ask for a short version of your charity name as the character limit is reduced on the text thank-you message. 


5. Click Save your short charity name when you're done. Once you've selected your name you won't see this page again, but you can choose to 'Edit your name' from your text donations dashboard at any time:


6.The next page is your JustTextGiving dashboard. It offers a breakdown and summary of your text campaigns, and lists your active codes and how much they've raised so far.

7. To set up a new code, click Create a new campaign. If you've used all of your available text codes, you'll need to deactivate one of your text campaigns before you can set up another one.

8. You'll then be asked to pick a name for your text campaign (e.g. roof fund, midnight walk, Christmas appeal). 

9. This is also where you set up the text code. It can be any four letters and then two numbers between 00 and 46. Every text code is unique so any code you choose that comes up as unavailable is already being used by another organisation. In this case, you can simply try another code or you can select Auto generate a code:


How many text codes can we have at any one time?

  • If you're on the full JustGiving plan, you can create up to 10 text codes and all your supporters with a JustGiving page can create their own text code.
  • if you're on the JustText plan, you can only create one text code. Discover the benefits of upgrading your account.

How do I deactivate one of our text campaigns?

1. Log in to your charity account.

2. Click on Fundraising tools.

3. Select Text donation campaigns: 


4. The dashboard will show all of your active text codes along with a summary of how much each code has raisedEach code will have a Deactivate button next to it. Simply click this button to deactivate the code:


5. A pop-up box will appear asking you to confirm whether you'd like to deactivate the code. 

6. Click Deactivate to deactivate the code so supporters can no longer text donate to it. The dashboard will remain in place so you can still review the campaign stats.

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