Adding bank details to your Basic text only account

There are two ways you can receive your donations when you’re a text only member – by cheque or bank transfer (BACS).

  • If you choose to be paid by cheque, we’ll post your cheque to your organisation’s address once we receive the funds from Vodafone.
  • If you’d like your payments quicker you can be paid by BACS instead. That way your donations are transferred safely and securely directly to your organisation’s bank account each month – no waiting for a cheque to arrive in the post!

Find out more about text donation payments here

How do we add our bank details to our account? 

All you need to do complete a bank account details form and post it to us. You can download one at the bottom of this page and it looks something like this:


You'll also need to get your hands on one of the following supporting documents: 

  • an original bank statement (less than three months old) OR
  • a stamped and signed headed letter from your bank, verifying your account details.

Once you have everything, post it to: 

JustGiving memberships
2nd Floor
Blue Fin Building
110 Southwark Street

As soon as we get these we'll update your bank account details and post your statement/letter back to you.

Why do you need a bank statement or letter?

JustGiving has to enforce a thorough due diligence procedure on all charities before we can pay funds into a new bank account. This is to protect the financial security of all of our donors and charities. We need to be sure that all the bank account details given are correct and in possession of the charity before we can use that account as the payment destination for donations and Gift Aid.

Download a bank account details form

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