Making JustGiving your Gift Aid agent

To get started, you'll need to get hold of Charities variations form from HMRC, commonly known as a ChV1 form. You'll find it here or your can download a copy of the ChV1 form at the bottom of this FAQ. If you are having problems opening the document click here for some help.

How to fill in the ChV1 form

Page one – about your organisation

  1. Please fill out your charity's details and contact information (boxes 1-8).
  2. You'll be asked for a 'HMRC Charities reference' in box 2. 
    • If your charity has registered for Gift Aid then this is your Gift Aid number. This usually begins with 'X' ('CR' if you're registered in Scotland, 'CH' if you're a Community Amateur Sports Club).
    • If your charity doesn't have a Gift Aid number or if it's pending, please put 'X' in the box. 

Pages two and three – about the changes

You don't need to fill anything out on these pages. 

Page four – about the changes (continued)

You'll see on this page we've already filled out some of our details in the top section. There's nothing you need to complete, but you'll need to make sure you send us a copy please.

Please ignore the box that asks for the nominee’s account details – this box is not used by us or the HMRC for this type of change.

Page six - declaration

  1. The two signatories must give their National Insurance numbers to enable HMRC to run a standard identity verification check, and to confirm that they have authority to appoint JustGiving to reclaim Gift Aid on behalf of your charity.
  2. If you're not registered with the HMRC, please complete this page with the details of the persons that if you were to apply, would be the officials you would use. 
  3. If you only have one signatory registered with the HMRC, please include a cover letter stating this when you return the form to us.                                                                                                         

When you're done

Once you've completed the form, print off a copy. You should have three pages altogether (page 1, page 4 and page 6)

Then post it to us at JustGiving. 

Our address is:

Amy Colvin, JustGiving memberships
2nd Floor
Blue Fin Building
110 Southwark Street
SE1 0TA  

Please don't return this form to the HMRC as this will delay your application. Post it to us instead!

If you get stuck

Take a look at the HMRC's guide on how to complete the ChV1 form

You can also contact one of our friendly support team who would be happy to talk you through how to complete the form. 

A few things to remember:

  • We can only claim Gift Aid on your charity donations if you've applied for a Gift Aid number directly with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). We don't apply for the Gift Aid number on your behalf.
  • As your Gift Aid agent, we only make claims on donations made through JustGiving. It doesn’t affect your ability to claim Gift Aid on all other donations made to your charity. 

If you haven't applied for a Gift Aid number yet, then you can do it on the HMRC website

Download a ChV1 form

Right-click and download the form first before opening it in Adobe Reader.

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