Claiming Gift Aid on text donations

Can Gift Aid be claimed on text donations?

Yes, but it works slightly differently depending on the type of plan your charity is on.

  • If you have full JustGiving membership, we'll claim Gift Aid on eligible donations if you've given us your HM Revenue & Customs Gift Aid number. Get help on making JustGiving your Gift Aid Agent.
  • if you're on the Basic text only plan, we'll claim Gift Aid on eligible donations on your behalf using the JustGiving Foundation's Gift Aid number.

How does a donor add Gift Aid to their text donation?

After making a donation, people will be prompted by text to submit their details and add Gift Aid. 

They'll be sent a link via text which will direct them to a form asking for their name, address and email. If they select that they're happy for your charity to keep in touch, their contact information will be displayed in your payment reports.

Please note that these reports are only available to charities who have full JustGiving membership. So if you're just on JustTextGiving plan, you won't be able to access this donor data.

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