Why are Cares important?

When someone Cares for your cause, we include them in your network on JustGiving. This means that we can promote your content to them across our platform.

So the more Cares you get, the more extensive your reach on JustGiving.

For example, when you launch a Campaign on JustGiving, we'll feature that page in the Feed of everyone who Cares for your cause:

As long as they are opted in to hear from us, we'll also send them short email notifications to let them know you've launched a Campaign:

How do we get more Cares?

1. Share on social media

Ask your network on Facebook and Twitter to Care for your charity on JustGiving and give them a clear call to action.

2. Add the Care button to your website

Adding the button to your site means anyone who visits your page will be able to show they care. Find out how to add it to your website

3. Send an email to your supporters

If you send out a regular e-newsletter to your supporters, include a short article on how they can show their support by Caring for you on JustGiving. Add the Care button or include a direct link to your Charity profile to make it as easy as possible.

4. Add a call to action to your email signature

Add the Care button to your email signature and ask people to click Care – in the same way you ask people to 'Like' you on Facebook. 

5. Say thank you

Regularly update your supporters on how many Cares you have and thank those who have cared. This will prompt others to show they care too.

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