What is Thanking Messenger?

Thanking Messenger is a simple tool we've created to enable you to quickly thank people that donated directly to your cause over the last 24 hours on JustGiving.

Once you've signed-up to receive these notifications, you'll receive an email each day from us telling you how many people you can thank that day – if you haven't received any donations direct to your charity over the last 24 hours then we won’t email you. Our aim is to help you reach more people as not only does the email include people that have opted-in to comms from your charity, but also people that have opted-in to hearing from JustGiving, but maybe not from your charity. 

Simply click the 'Say thanks' button on the email, write a short message and we'll send it out on your behalf.

How can I sign up for Thanking Messenger notifications?

  1. Log in to your charity account on JustGiving 
  2. Go the Settings tab 
  3. Click on Your email preferences 
  4. At the bottom of the page click the purple Edit button under Your email preferences
  5. Tick the option at the bottom of the page that says I can thank someone who has made a direct donation to my charity and hit Save preference

What does our thank you message look like to the donor?

The email will be sent by JustGiving and will be addressed as coming from JustGiving. Inside that email template we will include your thank you message.

Can I add images?

No. At present the feature accepts plain text only.

Can I thank past donors?

The feature allows you to promptly thank donors who have donated on the previous day between 00:00 and 23:59 hrs GMT. So for example, on a Tuesday you can write a thank you message for all donors who donated on the Monday. After 24 hours that list will be replaced by the next set of donors from the subsequent 24 hour period. The only exception to this rule is on Mondays, when we will provide you with details of donations made on the preceding Friday, Saturday and Sunday (72 hours). 

Can I thank donors more than once?

We ask that you only write one thank you message per donor, so that our donors don’t get too many emails. Once you have written a personalised thank you message for a donor, “This Fundraiser has already been thanked” will appear against their details until the next lot of donation information is uploaded. That way, you can easily see who has been thanked and who is left to thank.

Can I thank donors who have asked to be anonymous?

Yes. The donation will show on your charity thank you page, but the donor’s personal information will not be included. That way, we respect the donor’s anonymity and they can still receive a thank you message from you. 

Can I thank donors who have not opted in to communications from my charity?

Yes, one of the great aspects of this feature is that we can reach donors who have not opted in to communications from your charity but who have opted in to communications from JustGiving. Like donors who have asked us not to pass on their personal information to you, these donors will be marked in this feature as Anonymous donors.

What other information does the feature display?

As well as the amount and the currency of the donation, we’ll also display the name of the donor (provided they haven’t asked to be anonymous and are opted-in to communications from the charity) and their JustGiving profile image.

Can I sort the donations?

No. The donations are returned in two groups, firstly the direct donations made to your charity and then direct donations made to an existing campaign page. Both groups of donations are sorted by amount in descending order. 

How can I apply the same message to all donors?

You can enter your message into the field at the top and then apply to all donors by selecting the “Apply to all donors” button. Don’t forget to hit send!

Will the donor be able to change their JustGiving marketing preferences as a result of the email?

Yes. We’ll include an unsubscribe link in every email, so that the donor can choose to opt out of future emails from JustGiving. This may mean they won’t appear in the charity thanking feature in the future if they make more donations to your charity. 

Will the email allow the donor to change their charity marketing preferences?

No. The email does not ask the donor about their charity marketing preferences as it is not an email from your charity. If the donor has opted in to receiving communications from you, they will still be marked as ‘Yes’ in the ‘Donor Further Contact’ column in your direct donation reports unless they tell us otherwise. Of course, donors can always ask us to change their preferences and we will respect this. 

How can I get the email sent to my colleague?

Please ask them to opt into our charity thanking emails by managing their preferences in their charity account. 

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