Receiving your monthly membership invoices (UK Only)

We send your monthly membership invoice to you by email. It's important that the correct people at your charity receive this invoice.

Account administrators can manage who receives the invoice from within their JustGiving account by following the steps below. If the you aren't sure who your administrators are just get in touch.

  1. Log in to your charity account.
  2. Go to the Branding & settings tab.
  3. Click on Create & manage users
  4. Expand the record and click Edit for the user who should receive the invoice
  5. Tick the 'Send invoice email' box and click Save


Tip: If you have one, it's a good idea to add your generic 'finance@' or 'invoices@' email address to your JustGiving account so the invoice will always to be received by your charity even if the individual who deals with the invoice leaves.

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