What’s the difference between your monthly membership plans?

How can I find out how much I’ve raised to date/per year?

You can find the total amount raised within your charity’s donation report in your Charity Account.  For help on using these reports, click here

Can my charity downgrade from the GROW plan to the START plan?

The START plan is currently only available to charities that are new to JustGiving to give them a chance to try to raise money online for the first time.

What happens if my charity’s fundraising income decreases?

Pricing for the GROW plan is set based on the amount raised in a 12-month period (e.g. June-July.)  If your charity reaches the £15,000 in donations and Gift Aid threshold, we will upgrade your plan, to take effect shortly after the end of that 12 months.  If your charity is no longer raising over the £15,000 threshold in a subsequent period, we will notify you so you can drop back down to £15 per month (+VAT) plan. 

What extras do we get on the GROW plan?

As a charity grows the tools you need inevitably shift and the volume of fundraising we process on your behalf grows. That’s why we offer charities on the GROW plan additional services to help you be faster, smarter and more efficient. These include weekly payments, supporter data, reporting and access to more hands-on customer support and account management. This chart summarises the difference between the two plans:


How can I sign up?

Sign up for the Grow plan here

Sign up for the Start plan here



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