How can I update who has access to our charity account?

There's no limit on the number of users who can have a log in, so anyone at your charity who needs one, can get one.

How do I review the users on the account?

It's really easy to review who is on your charity account. You'll need to be an administrator to check this. Not sure who your administrator is? Contact us and we'll let you know.

  1. Log in to your charity account
  2. Go to the Settings tab
  3. Under User settings, click Create & manage users

What's the difference between an 'administrator' and a 'basic' user?

There are two levels of account access – administrator and basic. The table below shows a few key features of each level:



  • Have full access to every area of the account.
  • Can add and delete new users.
  • Can change account roles from basic to administrator (and vice versa).
  • Can grant access to basic users to different areas of the account.
  •  Can only access areas of the account that have been selected for them by an administrator.
  • Can see who else is listed as a user but cannot add or delete users. 
  • Cannot delete their own account – this can only be deleted by an administrator.

Only administrators can set up a colleague as an account user and they control which of the below account features their colleague is able to view: 

  • Event management - lets users add and manage events.
  • Custom code management - lets users add codes to your fundraising pages and events.
  • Branding access - lets users change your logo, description and thank-you messages.
  • Reports access – gives users access to all your payment, direct donation and fundraising page reports.
These features are first chosen when a new user account is set up. They can be updated at any time but only by an administrator (a basic user cannot update their own access privileges).

How do we know whether an existing user account is administrator or basic?

You can see a list of all users within your charity account. When logged in, click on Settings then select Create & manage users. You'll see the list on this page and each user will have a User type assigned as either basic or administrator.  

What if all of the administrators on the account have left the charity?

Contact us and let us know who should be your new administrator at your charity. We’ll then create their log-in and send them the details. 

How do I remove a user account?

This can only be done by an account administrator.
When you're viewing the list of account users (in the Create and manage users section), click on Edit in the Actions column, then click Remove user.

When a user account is removed, an email will be sent to that user to let them know – we do this in case an account is deleted incorrectly or accidentally. 

What if a basic user comes up with a restricted access notice?

This will only happen if a basic user tries to access an area of the account that they do not have permission to view. In these cases, they should contact their account administrator to have those rights added.

For the administrator, all they need to do is tick the relevant box next to that user’s details on the account. The point above shows how to access the area where you can tick the relevant boxes. 

What can’t be updated by an administrator from within the account?

The following updates can only be made by JustGiving, contact us for assistance:

  • Changes to your charity name and number.
  • Cancelling your account.
  • Changing your bank account details.
  • Adding or updating your Gift Aid number (UK only).
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