How We Process and Pay Your Donations (US & Canada only)

For charity customers in the US and Canada, we offer multiple payment options to ensure your donations are processed safely and securely and that you receive the funds donated to your organization in a timely fashion.

Blackbaud Merchant Services (US & CA only)

As a Level 1 PCI service provider and payment gateway, Blackbaud Merchant Services is Blackbaud’s end-to-end payment processing solution that has helped nonprofits worldwide raise billions of dollars. Set up Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS) to begin accepting donations directly to your organization, optional daily disbursements, the lowest rates and premium fraud management service.  More details on BBMS can be found here (

Note: Any donations processed prior to setting up or connecting BBMS, will be processed and paid via the Donor Advised Fund, see below.

JustGive, Inc. (US only)

For US Charities not electing to use BBMS, donations are processed to a third-party Donor Advised Fund and then remitted your organization periodically.

You can add the details of the bank account you would like us to pay your donations into, and we will distribute your donations on a monthly basis.  

By default, if you take no action your donations will be processed via the Donor Advised Fund and paid to you via check on a quarterly basis to the address we have on file, once your organization has a minimum of $50 in donations ready to distribute.  To update your address, follow these instructions


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