Can we see fitness data in our charity reports?

Yes, we have recently added 5 new columns to your Fundraising Page Report so you can easily identify who is adding fitness updates to their page. We will show you how many fitness updates are appearing on a fundraising page and how training is progressing with a record of the page owners total distance, elevation and time. These updates can be used in your emails to fundraisers to keep them motivated and increase engagement. 

The 5 new columns are titled:

  • Currently Receiving Fitness - Yes or No
  • Total Fitness Updates - number of fitness updates on fundraising page
  • Total Distance - total distance covered in meters
  • Total Time -  time they have recorded in seconds
  • Total Elevation - elevation in meters

As these are new columns you will need to add these to any existing report templates that you have. Visit our help article on running a fundraising page report for steps on how to do this. 



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