What is Donation Boost and how does it work for US organizations?

Donation Boost is a feature on our donation flow that enables anyone donating to your organization on JustGiving to top-up their donation by 5% to cover the platform costs of online fundraising.

That means more of their donation goes to your cause and you raise more money.

How will it work on a $20 donation?

For every $20 donated, your organization will raise $1 more, thanks to Donation Boost. Here's how it works:

  1. Someone donates $20.00 to their friend's fundraising page, or direct to your organization, and chooses to add Donation Boost. This adds a 5% ($1.00) charge on top of their donation, which covers your organization's platform fees on JustGiving.
  2. We deduct our payment partners' processing fees on the $20 donation, along with the Donation Boost charge, and send the rest to your organization as usual.
  3. So for every $20.00 donated, your organization gets $21.

What should we tell our supporters if they ask us what this feature is?
JustGiving has introduced a new feature that enables you to top-up your donation by 5% to cover the platform costs of online fundraising. That means more of your donation goes to the cause and we raise more money.

How will these fees and their breakdown be represented in my reports?
We will add the following information to existing columns in your Payment Report:

  • The value in the JustGiving Transaction Fee Rate column will = 0%
  • The value in the JustGiving Transaction Fee Amount column will = 0
  • The value in the Commission Partner column will = Donor

Are payment processing fees included? Can our donors cover these costs too?
Payment processing fees are not included in Donation Boost and will continue to be deducted from your donations. 

Can we switch off Donation Boost just for particular campaigns?
We are currently unable to switch off Donation Boost for a particular campaign. We welcome your feedback on this and will review this a possible feature enhancement.

Why can't I see Donation Boost when making a donation to my organization? 

This feature is currently being tested and isn't live on all organizations.

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