What is the Vests of the Best Leaderboard? (UK Only)

Our Vests of the Best Leaderboard website is a fun way to motivate your London marathon runners to raise more money. It allows you to see who your top fundraisers are, how much they’ve raised and encourage a bit of friendly competition.

We’ll also send your fundraisers email notifications when they move up or down the Leaderboard. You can see an example of Sense – National Deafblind and Rubella Association’s Leaderboard below:


How are people ranked?

By the amount they raise online on JustGiving.

What if a fundraiser has raised the same amount as someone else?

If more than one page has raised exactly the same amount as another then the one with the highest target will be ranked top.

Do you include the money they’ve raised offline?

No only money raised on the JustGiving platform is included - sorry!

Do you include the Gift Aid?

Yup - that's in there!

How often is the Leaderboard refreshed?

The Vests of the Best Leaderboard is refreshed every 24 hours at midnight. So you'll be able to see how your fundraisers rank changes daily.

Why should our fundraisers use the Vests of the Best Leaderboard?

Fundraisers who use the leaderboard whilst fundraising can see an unbelievable 128% increase in their average donation amount.

 How can I find my dedicated charity Leaderboard?

To get your dedicated leader board, and to start sharing it with your supporters, simply follow these steps:


How should I use our dedicated Leaderboard?

  • Share your Leaderboard link on your Facebook page/group or on Twitter
  • Share you link on your website and emails
  • Do personal shout-outs to your top 10 fundraisers on social or on the phone
  • Send fundraisers who need a bit more help tips and ideas to move up the ranks


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