Using the donor data you receive through Giving Checkout

If your charity is on the JustGiving GROW plan and implements our Giving Checkout, you’ll be able to see data for every donor who makes a donation through the Giving Checkout.

This is important to note as it is different from other donations made through the JustGiving website where you can only see the details of donors who have opted in to hear from you.

To see which donors want to keep in touch with you, you’ll need to check the ‘Donor Further Contact’ column in your Donation and Payment reports which indicates their communication preference.  

The only exception to this will be when a user has enacted a ‘right to be forgotten’ request to JustGiving, in this case, their details will be removed from the JustGiving reports, inline with GDPR.

What data will we be able to see?

Data points will include the following*

  • Name & surname
  • Donor email
  • Postal address including postcode
  • Country
  • GDPR consent flag

*depending on payment method and availability of JustGiving account, billing or Gift Aid information. In some cases, you may also receive the donor’s town and county/state. 

Please note that charities on the START plan don’t get access to reporting so the above will not apply. 

 Do we need to change any of our data import processes? 

It’s important to start looking at (and importing, if applicable) the 'Donor Further Contact' flag present against individual donors, as you can no longer assume that if a donor's details are showing that means it’s ok to contact them 

 How will these donations appear in charity reporting? 

Giving Checkout donations will appear in your existing Donation report and will appear in the same way as other donations made to you on the JustGiving platform, however some column values will differ: 

  • Columns related to fees and net amounts paid to you will reflect the fact that there are 0% fees on all donations made through Giving Checkout - both processing and platform fees will be zero. 
  • The ‘Third Party Reference’ column will show ‘Giving Checkout’ as default and you can change this to a reference of your choice to track Giving Checkout donations. 

Please note that charities on the START plan don’t get access to reporting so the above will not apply. 

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