New coaching emails released for fundraisers (US and Canada)

What are coaching emails?

We have a dedicated team of email experts who aim to boost fundraising activity through creating and sending lifecycle emails. They have designed a series of communications aimed at coaching the individuals who have created a personal fundraising page for your cause. 

These email reminders and messages are specific to a person and their activity because we believe that supporting them can make a big difference to engagement and the amount of funds raised for your charity.


What if I don't want my fundraisers to receive these emails?

These are optional and can be turned off by administrators in the United States and Canada. Simply navigate to Branding> Fundraiser Lifecycle Emails> Opt Out. 

Your supporters can opt out from receiving the communications by clicking the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of their email. Please note, by clicking Confirm unsubscribe, they will be opting out of receiving email updates related to pages they create (like donation notifications or fundraising tips to help you raise more for your cause). 


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