JustGiving's EventBrite Extension

JustGiving has teamed up with EventBrite to make it easy to create a fundraising page and raise money for your cause. Attendees can set up their JustGiving fundraising page in a matter of seconds via their JustGiving or Facebook accounts. To get started, head over to your event's Manage page, go to Extensions, and select JustGiving. After you give JustGiving permission to access your events, you can customise your fundraising page in Eventbrite.

What does the JustGiving Extension do?

In short it enables a charity that is running ticket registration on EventBrite for a particular event to convert their successful applicants into JustGiving fundraisers. The charity on installing the extension, can define certain defaults for each fundraising page created such as page story, image and fundraising target. On completing the purchase of their ticket, the registrant is then automatically taken to JustGiving to complete their fundraising page in a matter of seconds. The extension will do the hard work so that your organisation doesn’t have to!

How do I add the JustGiving Extension?

Once you have created an event on EventBrite you can opt to Manage it and add the JustGiving Extension. Simply give JustGiving permission to access the event and you’ll be then asked to define the various fundraising settings. You can add the Extension at the following page: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/spectrum/justgiving/

Who can use the Extension?

Any charity registered on JustGiving.

What does the Extension cost to use?

Nothing. It is free to install and use.

Is the Extension optimised for mobile devices?

Yes, your charity or your fundraisers can get involved when on the go!

What fundraising options can I define for the JustGiving page?

You’ll be asked to select the following options, some of which are mandatory, and some are optional

  • Charity (mandatory)
  • Event (mandatory)
  • Target (optional)
  • Image (optional)
  • Story (optional)
  • Custom Codes (optional)

Can I switch the extension off at any time?

Once installed for a particular listing on EventBrite, the JustGiving Extension can be paused and unpaused at any time. When paused this will disable the JustGiving Extension and the ticket registrant will not be directed to JustGiving to set up their fundraising page?

What does the fundraising page that gets automatically created look like?

It is a standard JustGiving fundraising page but will start with the default content that you define in the Extension. This means your supporter can have a fundraising page complete with your charity’s story, image and fundraising target as well as optional custom codes from the very moment they create their page. They will have a fundraising page to be proud of from the get go which we know makes them a more engaged and successful fundraiser for your cause.

There is already an image set to my Extension, where did that come from?

We set as default the image that you have applied to the EventBrite listing to make things as quick and easy as possible for you. If you want to override or delete that image you can. Any image saved will be applied to all future fundraising pages created via the Extension.

What data can JustGiving access by us installing the Extension?

On approving the Extension you give JustGiving permission to read data from EventBrite in regard to the event you have created and those registering for the tickets. Only that way can we ensure that the registrant successfully and easily sets up their fundraising page for the correct charity and the correct event with the details you specified. This data includes eventName, eventImage, AttendeeName, AttendeeEmail.

Can I uninstall the Extension?

Yes this can be done at any time by signing into your EventBrite account and going to Account Settings > Extensions. Doing this will cease with immediate effect the Extension for any future registrants.

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