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How do I create a Campaign Page?

With our simple Campaign template, you can have a Page up and running in just a few minutes. 

  1. Log in to your charity account
  2. Go to the Campaigns tab and click on Create a campaign

What do I need to set up a Campaign?

First Step

  • A Campaign title: this is the name that will appear whenever your Campaign is referred to
  • A Campaign summary statement: your chance to briefly describe your Campaign
  • Story: a longer description to tell your supporters about the Campaign
  • Target: show how much you aim to raise with a target. If you would prefer not have have one, leave it blank – we’ll still show the amount you’ve raised on your Page
  • Event details - if you have an event that you'd like the Campaign to be connected to then you can add this here
  • Whether you'd like Fundraisers to be able to create Fundraising Pages for the campaign.

Second Step

  • Campaign cover photo: add in a great image to help illustrate your story, this should be a minimum of 1200px wide so it's optimised for sharing
  • Story you'd like for the page - this can include videos and pictures
  • Campaign photos: you can add up to 10 additional photos to your Campaign Page
  • Campaign logo
  • Advanced settings - here you can set the background image that would appear on the Campaigns page, it can be left blank

Third Step

  • The Fundraising Page Theme if you want fundraising pages to be created for the campaign
  • Fundraising Page Title
  • Fundraising Default Target
  • Fundraising Cover Photo
  • Fundraising Default Story

Fourth Step

  • Your Campaign link: choose a custom URL for your Campaign Page. Please note this can’t be edited once the page has been activated, so choose wisely!

Once you have completed all the fields click on Publish Now or schedule the campaign for a later time.

You can edit your Campaign at any time by following these simple steps.

How can we spread the word about our Campaign?

  • Email your supporters with a link to your Campaign Page
  • Promote your Campaign on your charity's website
  • Publish your Campaign on Facebook
  • Spread the word on Twitter

How do we create the perfect Page?

Our new Campaign toolkit gives you loads of tips on making your page as good as it can be!

Do you have any examples of Campaign Pages?

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