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Setting up your thank-you messages

A thank-you message is sent to everyone who makes a donation through JustGiving. This is sent as part of an email receipt and it can be personalised so your organisation can use its own words to thank the people who donate to your cause.

This is the default message that your donors and sponsors will see before you create your own personalised one:

Thank you for your donation. We're sending it straight to [charity’s name] so you'll be making a difference very soon.

How do I personalise our thank-you message?

  1. Log in to your charity account
  2. Go to the Branding tab
  3. Click on Thank-you messages
  4. Create your thank-you message

Once you've personalised your message, it will be included in the email that is sent each time someone makes a donation online to your charity. You can follow the steps above at any time to make changes to your message.


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