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Finding pages have been created or closed for your charity

You can find details of fundraising pages created for your charity or pages that have expired for your charity in your fundraising page reports. Here's how:

  1. Log in to your charity account.
  2. Click on the Reports tab and click on Fundraising page reports
  3. Click 
  4. You can also click the  icon to edit an existing template or the  icon to copy an existing template which you can then make changes to.
  5. Enter the time frame you’re interested in such as the last 7 days.
  6. Choose the created or expired
  7. Select Add or remove columns to choose what information is contained in your report.
  8. Put a tick next to the column title that you want to see in your report
  9. Click the  icon for a column definition
  10. Select continue once you are happy with the columns you have chosen.
  11. If you want to rename a column click the  icon
  12. Click and drag the  icon to change a column position
  13. Click Generate report or Save template for future use
  14. You can then download your fundraising page report in either Excel or CSV format.
  15. For the fundraising total head to the Total donations. If you're in the UK, you can also choose to include Gift Aid, which is the next column on the right.

You can edit an existing template by clicking the icon.

You can view a full fundraising page report at any time by clicking Reset report to return all original columns.

To delete a saved report template, click the  icon.

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