How to customise the data in your payment reports

We give you a lot of data in your JustGiving reports. To help you manage your reports and find the data you need, we've put together a payment report manager so you only see the information you’re interested in. You’ll also get a calculation in the bottom left-hand corner, showing the total amount paid to your charity.

How do I get the payment report manager? 

1. To use our payment report manager you first need to enable macros in Excel. There are slightly different ways of doing this for different versions of Excel. Try the step-by-step instructions below and if you get stuck, head to the Microsoft office website. (Please note the payment report manager is not compatible with Mac versions of Office.) 

    1. Close all other Excel documents.
    2. Click File in the top left or if you have Excel 2007, click the top left button next to the Save icon.
    3. Click Options 
    4. Click Trust Centre
    5. Click Trust Centre Settings
    6. Select Macro Settings 
    7. Choose Enable all Macros

2. There are two report managers, one for donation reports and if you're in the UK, one for Gift Aid reports. So to get started, choose which payment manager you want to download:

3. Follow the instructions in the payment report manager to customise your settings and add and rename the data columns you want to see in your reports.

4. Save the file to your desktop as a Macro-enabled workbook.

5. For the payment report manager to work, you need to keep the file open before opening a report.

6. Download a donation or Gift Aid payment report. To do this, just log in to your account and choose the report you want from your Finance report section on your homepage.

7. At the top right of your report you will see the Add ins tab. Click on the tab, click JustGiving, and then click on Format report. Your report will then be sorted to only show the data you have asked to see.

Please note - the payment report managers will not work with the new version (v1.2) of the payment report.

Download the payment report managers

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