What are your fees? (UK)

9th March 2017: Read an important update coming soon to our payment processing fees


What are your fees?

* The START plan is currently only available to charities new to JustGiving joining after 17th November 2016

How does it work on a £10 donation?

  1. Someone donates £10 to their friend's fundraising page or direct to your charity. 
  2. Your charity receives this donation as part of your weekly payment from JustGiving.
  3. If the donation is eligible for Gift Aid, we reclaim this on your behalf from HMRC, which adds £2.50 to the donation (this usually takes between 2 and 3 weeks).
  4. We calculate our 5% fee on the donation + Gift Aid (on a £10 donation + £2.50 Gift Aid this would be 63p).
  5. When we receive the Gift Aid we deduct our fee from it (if a donation isn't eligible for Gift Aid, we deduct our fee from the donation).
  6. WorldPay deducts a card-processing fee of 1.3% (on a £10 donation this would be 13p).
  7. We pay the Gift Aid, minus our fee and card-processing fee, to your charity.
  8. Their £10 donation becomes £11.74

What are your standard payment processing fees?

Our processing partner WorldPay deducts the following processing fees:

  • Credit cards - 1.3%
  • Debit cards - 17p
  • Paypal - 1.45%

If the donation comes from another currency, then the processing fee is amended to one of the below:

Learn more about why we charge a fee and what we do with it

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