What are your fees? (UK)

What are your fees?

* The START plan is currently only available to charities new to JustGiving joining after 17th November 2016

How does it work on a £10 donation?

  1. Someone donates £10.00 to their friend's fundraising page or direct to your charity. We deduct our 5% fee along with any card charges from our payment partners, and send the rest to the charity that week.
  2. We boost their donation by 25% by reclaiming Gift Aid from the government - it usually takes about a month. We then deduct our 5% fee and automatically send the rest over to the charity.
  3. So for every £10.00 donated that is eligible for Gift Aid, your charity gets £11.74.

Here's how it works in a bit more detail:

Your donation

+ £10.00 

5% fee on the donation

- 50p

Card-processing fee @ 1.25% *

- 13p

Our 25% Gift Aid boost

+ £2.50

5% fee on the Gift Aid

- 13p

Total donation

(Total cost to charity



What are your standard payment processing fees?

For donations made in pounds sterling, our payment processing partners deduct the following processing fees:

  • Credit and debit cards - 1.25% (we accept Visa, Visa Electron, Delta, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express)
  • Paypal UK - 1.45%

If the donation is made in another currency, then the processing fee is amended to 2.90%

Learn more about why we charge a fee and what we do with it

How can I sign up?

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