Why do you charge a fee and what do you do with it?

To raise more money, charities and their supporters deserve the best, not the cheapest. We deduct a small fee from each donation, make a profit and plough it straight back in to the business to make JustGiving bigger better for everyone.

This includes:

  • maintaining a platform that's robust, reliable and secure, so people have a safe and easy way to donate and fundraise online. They can trust us to be there when they need us most - even when it gets really busy, such as during the London marathon!
  • investing in innovation, so your supporters have the best experience to help them raise more money - sometimes it’s big and public, such as launching charity crowdfunding or a mobile fundraising app, and sometimes it’s small and bit more subtle (but just as important), such as constantly optimising our conversion rates and minimising payment rejection rates.
  • reducing admin and save time for the thousands of charities like yours that we support around the world - we make things like reporting as easy as possible so you can focus on the important stuff - changing more lives.

We are 100% committed to growing the world of giving and we will never stop improving.

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