Adding Donate Box to your website

Donate Box is a social plugin for your website that makes it easy for people to donate and share their donation with their friends.

You can have it up and running in just a few minutes and people can start giving using our fast, mobile-friendly donation-flow. All on your very own website.

Do you have any examples of charities using Donate Box?

How do I add Donate Box to our website?

1. Log in to your charity account.

2. Click on Fundraising and then Donation prompts: 


3. Add and save your donation prompts so that they appear in your Donate Box when you put it on your website: 


4. Click 'Copy code' and paste it into the HTML code of your website on the page you'd like it to appear on.


How do I track donations received through Donate Box?

You can see which donations have come from Donate Box in your donations report, just log in and download a donations report, then look at column V (Product Source), all donations from Donate Box will show 'JGDonateBox'.

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