Creating a fundraising team

What is a Team Page?

A Team Page brings together a group of people fundraising for your charity on JustGiving. You can create Team Pages for particular events or for appeals – that way people can see they’re not fundraising alone and work together towards a group target.

On average, people that are part of a team on JustGiving raise 10% more.

With a Team Page you can:

  • Make people feel part of a community, by displaying everyone that's fundraising on your team
  • Inspire people with a team target and display the total they have raised together
  • Add your brand stamp by adding your logo and the name of the event or appeal the team is supporting 
  • Report on how much has been raised for your particular event or appeal
  • Do you have any examples of charities using team pages?

A few examples of charities already using team pages are:

How do I create a Team Page?

Unable to view the below presentation? Read 'How to create a Team Page' here.  

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