Creating a fundraising team

What is a Team Page?

A Team Page brings together a group of people fundraising for your charity on JustGiving. You can create Team Pages for particular events or for appeals – that way people can see they’re not fundraising alone and work together towards a group target.

On average, people that are part of a team on JustGiving raise 10% more.

With a Team Page you can:

  • Make people feel part of a community, by displaying everyone that's fundraising on your team
  • Inspire people with a team target and display the total they have raised together
  • Add your brand stamp by adding your logo and the name of the event or appeal the team is supporting 
  • Report on how much has been raised for your particular event or appeal
  • Do you have any examples of charities using team pages?

A few examples of charities already using team pages are:

How do I create a Team Page?

Our guide to team pages can been found here.

How do I report on teams?

There are four columns in your fundraising page report which you can use to identify the teams who are fundraising for your charity.


Column Name

Column Definition


Fundraising Page Team Name

This is the Name of the team(s) the page is linked to - If a page is linked to multiple teams, team names are separated with a ;


Fundraising Page Team URL

This is the full web address of the team(s) the page is linked to - If a page is linked to multiple teams, team URLs are separated with a ;


Fundraising Page Team Id

This Identifies if the fundraiser is either a 'member' of the team or  'captain'. The captain created the team page and manages it.


Fundraising Page Team Member Role

The ID of the team page the fundraising page is linked to

Click here for steps on how to create fundraising page report.

Once you have created s fundraising page report you can filter any of the above columns to identify teams and the fundraising pages linked to them.



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