How to add Campaign custom codes

You can now add custom codes to your Campaign Pages within your charity account. Adding Campaign custom codes allows you to really easily find donations and fundraising pages linked to Campaign Pages in your JustGiving reports.

To code your Campaigns, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your charity account
  2. Click on the Reports tab and then Custom codes
  3. If you haven't coded Campaign pages before you'll need to add your Campaign headers. To do this, click on Add campaign headers


      4. Type in your header and click Submit 


      5. Once your headers are saved you can add your codes. To do this click on Add campaign codes

      6. Search for the Campaign you'd like to code, then type in your code and click on Save changes


Your headers and codes will appear in your reports from tomorrow.

Please note, once these headers have been added you can't edit them - let us know and we'll update them for you.


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