JustGiving logo and brand guidelines

We're happy for you to add the JustGiving logo to your website and print. Here are a few guidelines on how to apply it, at the bottom you'll find our logo in a range of formats and shapes.

Logo exclusion zone

Please leave space around the logo and keep it clear of any other graphics, as shown above.

Minimum sizes

We recommend not to make the logo any smaller 150px (online) or 25mm (offline)

Making changes

We like our logo just how it is, so please don’t alter or redraw it in any way.

JustGiving colours

Our core brand colour is a bold and lively purple, the hex code for it is: #AD29B6.

Applying our logo

As the JustGiving purple is a bright colour, and it doesn’t always play well with others, so where possible add it on a white background. If you can't add it to a white background we do have a white version of the logo for use on photos and coloured backgrounds.

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