Processing donations through JustGiving from your site

What is the Simple Donation Integration (SDI)?

Our Simple Donation Integration (SDI) is a link which directs the user to make a donation on JustGiving and then directs them to a page of your choosing, such as a thank you for donating message, your Facebook page or back to your website.

You can specify the currency, donation amount, message, a reference and the link they’re taken to afterwards. 

Why should I be using it?

  • JustGiving’s brand carries a great deal of recognition and trust. You can offer your supporters the reassurance of making a payment online via a payment platform they know and trust.
  • Your supporters can use their JustGiving account to donate on your site, where their details are saved to their account.
  • With a Simple Donation Integration, you don’t need to direct traffic away from your site in order for users to donate. They make the donation through JustGiving then are automatically redirected to a URL of your choice.

How do I create the link?

We’ve put together a really easy to use link builder which can be found here:

Simply enter the relevant information into the fields and click 'Create your link'. You can then embed this link on your website, perhaps behind a 'Donate' button or email it out to your supporters.

Where can I get a JustGiving 'Donate' button for my site?

After clicking 'Create your link' you can choose to copy the link text or copy HTML with the buttons below included. You then simply copy the HTML code presented, embed it onto your site and the chosen button design will appear.

Why add a reference?

You can add a reference (e.g “XmasFund”) to the donation made via the SDI link. It won’t be visible to the donor or appear publicly alongside their donation. It does mean that you can call our API to query how many donations have been made with that particular reference. Coming soon we’ll also be pulling these references through to the donation reports found in the charity account on JustGiving. 

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