Livestreaming on fundraising pages

What is livestreaming?

Livestreaming is broadcasting a live video in real-time that you record yourself. Unlike pre-recorded video it isn’t edited or pre-planned, you film live to an audience.

How can a livestream be added to a fundraising page?

We've got an online FAQ all about how to add a livestream to a Fundraising page that you can share with your supporters. 

How can a charity use livestreaming?

Your charity can add a livestream to a fundraising page to communicate with your supporters in a more engaging way. Charities have already added a livestream to run a quiz, give a tour of a zoo, and for gaming events. Simply telling your charity's story in a livestream makes a big impact.  

Chester Zoo added a livestream to a fundraising page to say a special thank you to those that have supported their 'extinction-free future' campaign. 


Can we add a livestream to a Campaign Page? 

Not yet but we are hoping to add this feature to Campaign Pages soon. 





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