Understanding our fees - United States

JustGiving deducts a 5% service fee and payment processing fees from each donation made through the site. In return we help people raise more money, more efficiently. By leaving the costly and time-consuming stuff to us, your organization can spend more time and energy on what they do best - changing more lives.

Our fees are published here.

How does it work on a typical USD $10.00 donation?

  1. Someone donates $10 to their friend's fundraising page or direct to your charity
  2. Our payment processing partners deduct the processing fee. On BBMS, the standard fee is 2.798% + $0.26 per transaction (on a $10 donation this would be $0.54)
  3. We deduct the 5% service fee on the donation (on a $10 donation this would be $0.50)
  4. Their $10 donation becomes $8.96 and is disbursed to your organization following your applicable disbursement schedule

(Please note, if the donation currency is different to the currency of which the donors bank account is held and/or if the donor is donating to an organization in a different country - the card holder may incur additional costs by their bank including conversion costs or international fees. This is not done by JustGiving and this fee is variable across banks i.e. If my bank account is in the UK and I make a donation to a US charity in USD, I may incur a conversion cost and/or and international fee.

Learn more about Donation Boost here.

* Processing fees may vary based on payment processing platform

** Existing BBMS customers will remain on their previously agreed BBMS pricing

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