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What is the JustGiving Site Builder?

JustGiving Site Builder enables charities to build beautifully branded microsites for their fundraising campaigns. This new premium service from JustGiving puts your charity in the driver’s seat – you can build unlimited microsites, your way, with simple customisable features to create the perfect layout and supporter experience. All safe in the knowledge that the engine underneath is powered by JustGiving.

Designed for charities that want a simple way to brand and customise the fundraising experience, your supporters continue to get all the same benefits they would fundraising on JustGiving – simple set-up, support seven days a week and 0% platform fee – plus you get everything you need to give them a consistent, branded fundraising journey that makes them feel deeply connected to your cause.

Site Builder is available to all charities registered on JustGiving for £250/month (+ VAT).*

Here's some examples of how charity's are using Site Builder and the microsites they've created:





Find out more and book a demo at https://justgiving.com/for-charities/products/sitebuilder


* Minimum 24-month contract applies.

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