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How to create a site using Site Builder

Once you've registered for the product, head to sitebuilder.justgiving.com where you can log in using your existing JustGiving credentials. Then, follow this steps to create your site: 

  1. Select the Add Site button in the right corner
  2. Follow the set up site process by completing the required fields. You will need to provide a name, and start date for the campaign, which can be modified at a later point. If your intention is to allow fundraisers to create fundraising pages, ensure the toggle is set to green. Finally, select a template to get started, these can be previewed prior to completing the creation step. 
  3. After completing the setup flow, you can now create a site, and will be taken to the settings screen for your site. Before you get started navigate to the Design tab where you can set and save your brand fonts, colours and button styles. 
  4. To get started with your first page, simply select ‘…’ next to your home page and select edit.  
  5. You will be taken to the site builder screen where you can add any relevant bespoke content.

How to save your changes

Whilst building your site, the system will automatically save any updates as you go. If you make a mistake you can choose to ‘Undo’ your last action by selecting the button in the top bar. 

How to add a new page

 You’re able to add multiple pages to your site using Site Builder. 

  1. Select the site that you wish to add a page to. 
  2. Navigate to your site settings and select the Pages tab 
  3. Here select the Add Page button and follow the steps to add a new page. You can also choose a template to get started. 

How to preview your campaign 

Through Site Builder you can preview how your pages will look before publishing the site. 

  1. Log in to JustGiving Site Builder 
  2. Once logged in, look for the relevant site when viewing all sites 
  3. Select the ‘Preview’ button next to the relevant site to launch preview mode 
  4. Alternatively you can preview pages whilst editing your site by selecting the preview button at the top right of your screen or navigating to the Page tab in your settings area and selecting the preview option next to the page. 
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