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Logging in with your BBID

What is Blackbaud ID (BBID)?​

Blackbaud ID (BBID) is a simple way to create one set of login credentials to securely access JustGiving and other Blackbaud products and Support resources. ​

It also enables you to benefit from enhanced security using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).​

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How do I create a BBID?​

To create a BBID, please fill-in this simple online form. ​

Please ensure the email address you enter into the form is the same one your use to access your JustGiving account.​

How do I link my JustGiving account with my BBID?​

Once you’ve created your BBID, follow these simple steps:​

  1. Login to your JustGiving account with your JustGiving credentials​
  2. Go to settings​
  3. Click on "Manage your BBID connection"​
  4. Click on Link accounts button​
  5. Login with your BBID password​

How do I login with my BBID on JustGiving? ​

Once your BBID and JustGiving accounts are linked, you can simply click the Continue with BBID button on the Login Page.​

Why can’t I login with my BBID on JustGiving?​

It's likely your accounts are not linked yet. Please check you are using the same email address for your BBID and your JustGiving account.

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