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Site Builder Homepage FAQs

Q: What image size do you recommend using for our homepage/ landing page banner?

A: The banner you select for your landing page or homepage will be the first thing your fundraisers see when they visit the website, so make it count! We recommend using a PNG/JPEG file 2000px × 1000px.


Q: What should we include in the homepage/ landing page copy?

A: Not sure where to start? The main text should tell your supporters everything they need to know about your event or campaign. Where possible, try to relate back to your key cause messaging and cover off the most important questions:

What? What is the event/challenge/ campaign you are asking your supporters to get involved in?

How? How do your supporters get involved?

Why? Why is this event/ campaign important to your cause?

Who? Who are you trying to connect with?

When? When does the event/ campaign take place? Is it over a particular time period?


Q: Can I use videos on Site Builder?

A: Yes, you can add videos via a YouTube or Vimeo embed URL.


Q: Are we able to add additional images to the homepage/ landing page?

A: Yes, we recommend adding at least 2-3 additional images on your homepage or landing page. Images and infographics will engage your audience and break up your text, so it doesn’t feel like one big block of writing.

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