Site Builder and Fundraising Pages

Q: Can we create sign up forms for fundraisers to complete when they are setting up their Fundraising Page?

A: Yes, you can create sign up forms that can be added to the Fundraising Page creation process. We recommend asking no more than 4 questions and that you try to keep questions relevant to your event or campaign. You will not be able any questions that would require your supporters to share any personally identifiable information including asking for a contact number.

You’ll be able to find all answers given by fundraisers in your fundraising page report in your charity account.


Q: Can we create fundraising badges for fundraisers and teams?

A. Fundraising badges are a fantastic way to keep your fundraisers and teams motivated and engaged in their fundraising activities. We have a variety of badge options to pick from including both badges for fundraising and fitness challenges.

Site Builder does come with badge designs but if you’d like to create your own bespoke badges for your event or campaign, we recommend using high resolution PNG / JPEG files - 600px wide by 600px high images.


Q. Can we add custom codes to fundraising pages?

A. Yes, fundraising page custom codes can be added to your Campaign, these will show in your JustGiving reports alongside pages created via your site.

Custom codes can be added to your site by selecting Fundraising and then going in to advance settings.


Q: Are fundraisers able to share their fitness on their fundraising pages?

A: Fundraisers can share fitness update on their fundraising page. Your supporters can connect their fundraising page to their Strava account and all their fitness activity will automatically update onto their page. If you have fundraisers who aren’t Strava users, then they can manually add their fitness activity onto their fundraising page.

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