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More Site Builder FAQs

Q: Can we add tracking to our site?

A: Yes, if you’ve got a Google Analytics account you will be able to add tracking to your site. Just make sure you’ve got your Google Analytics account number and property ID information handy when setting up your page to track visitor information across your site.


Q: Who do we contact if we need a helping hand with Site Builder?

A: If you need a helping hand getting started with Site Builder, you can head to our helpful resource area which is full of short, informative demo videos to setting up your site as well as lots of other helpful materials to help get you started.

Alternatively, you can reach out to our Support Team by emailing Sitebuilder@justgiving.com.


Q: Who do our fundraisers contact if they need a helping hand with their fundraising page?

A: If your fundraisers need a helping hand with their fundraising page, they can reach out to our dedicated fundraiser Support Team by emailing help@justgiving.com or through our live chat.

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