Monthly donations to Campaign Pages

Campaign pages can now receive monthly donations.

When a supporter starts making a donation to your Campaign Page they’ll be asked whether they want to make a single or monthly donation to your campaign.

If they select ‘monthly’ they’ll be asked to confirm the following:

  1. Donation amount.
  2. When they would like their first payment taken.
  3. When in the month they’d like future donations to be processed.
  4. Whether they want their donations to stop when the campaign expires or if they want to continue to make a monthly donation to the charity. If the latter is selected, their future donations will be processed as a monthly donation linked to your charity’s general appeal.


Your supporter can cancel their monthly donation at any time via their JustGiving account.

How will these donations appear in charity reporting.

Your monthly Campaign Page donations will appear in reporting the same way standard Direct Debits do.

  • In your donation report columns U ‘Payment Source’ and Y ‘Payment Type’ will show Recurring mandate.
  • Column W ‘Payment Frequency’ will show Monthly.
  • Column Y ‘Recurring Mandate Creation Date’ will show the date the monthly donation was set up.
  • Column AJ ‘Appeal Name’ will show the title of the Campaign Page (until the campaign expires and then it will show your charity’s general appeal).

How will monthly Campaign Page donations appear on the page?

The donation will appear on the Campaign Page each month it is processed and the amount will be added to the page totaliser.

Can you turn off the ability to donate monthly to a campaign page?

Not currently, but we hope to build the option to turn off recurring donations on a charity-by-charity basis in the future.


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