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How do I cancel my membership?

If you're in the UK, email us at charities@justgiving.com to let us know you'd like to cancel your account. Unless you tell us otherwise, we'll cancel your account at the end of the month that you contact us. To cancel your subscription at the end of July, email us at any point during July.

Your email needs to include the following:

  1. Your charity’s name
  2. Your registered charity number (if you don't have a registered charity number then please include your Gift Aid number or your Direct Debit reference number)
  3. The reason you want to cancel your account

We'll email you to confirm your account's been cancelled and what will happen next. This should be within two working days.


If you're in the US, contact our US support team to let them know you want to cancel your account.

What happens when I cancel my account?

After your final subscription payment, your charity homepage will be removed from JustGiving.com.

When your account has been closed no further fundraising pages can be created for your charity, no new direct debits can be set up by donors and you will no longer appear in the charity search results. If anyone uses your former JustGiving page URL to access the page, they'll see a message that looks something like this:


What will happen to any active fundraising pages we have?

Although no new pages can be set up, existing fundraising pages will remain open, active and able to receive donations for your charity until they expire.

If you like, you can choose to contact your fundraisers directly to let them know that you're closing your account. Otherwise their pages will continue to run until their expiry date, so that their fundraising activities aren’t disrupted.

We'll then continue to pay any donations raised over to you.

How long will I have access to my charity account after I cancel?

You can access your account for three months after you cancel.

What happens if I want to come back to JustGiving?

It's easy to rejoin, find out how here.

Additional Information for UK Charities Only:

What will happen to any Direct Debit donations we have?

Direct Debit donations made to charities in the UK will continue to be made (and paid) to your charity until the donor chooses to cancel them. We won't cancel those payments when your account is closed.

No new Direct Debits can be set up for your charity through JustGiving once your account is closed – only the existing payments will continue.

Will you still pay us the donations and claim Gift Aid?

If we are acting as your Gift Aid agent (UK charities only) we’ll also continue to claim Gift Aid on any donations if you've provided us with your Gift Aid number. These payments will continue to be made to your registered bank account.


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