Donations made in other currencies

Your supporters can donate on JustGiving in nine currencies: British pounds, US dollars, euros, Hong Kong dollars, Singapore dollars, Canadian dollars, United Arab Emirates dirham, South African rand and Australian dollars.

Please note at the current time US based charities can only receive donations in US dollars. This will be changing in the near future. 

How does it work for your donors?

When someone visits, they can change the default currency in the drop-down menu:


The donation process is then completely tailored to show amounts in Australian dollars (AUD). And because they can donate in their local currency, they no longer have to pay a currency conversion fee by their bank.

How can I tell if donations were made in other currencies? 

Download a donations report from your account, then column Z (Donation Auth Currency Code) will show you the currency the donation was made in.

What are the costs for donations made in different currencies?

Check our our fees area for a full breakdown of how card processing fees work.




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