Donations made in foreign currencies

Your supporters can donate in eight currencies: British pounds, US dollars, euros, Hong Kong dollars, Singapore dollars, Canadian dollars, United Arab Emirates dirham, South African rand and Australian dollars.

By enabling people to give in their local currency, we believe more people than ever will be able to give to your cause and help grow the world of giving.

How does it work for our donors?

When someone visits, we automatically detect which country they're based in and set its currency as their default.

For example, if one of your supporters lived in Australia and visited JustGiving, we would automatically default their currency to Australian dollars (AUD), as shown below. They can change this currency in the drop-down menu:


The donation process is then completely tailored to show amounts in Australian dollars (AUD). And because they can donate in their local currency, they no longer have to pay a currency conversion fee by their bank.

What are the costs for donations made in different currencies?

We deduct our 5% fee on each donation, plus a credit card processing fee charged by our partners WorldPay. These are:


Processing fee

British pounds (GBP)


Euro (EUR)


Australian dollars (AUD)


US dollars (USD)


South African rand (ZAR)


Canadian dollars (CAD)


United Arab Emirates dirham (AED)


Hong Kong dollars (HKD)


Singapore dollars (SGD)

2. 95%

If your supporter is also in the UK, they also have the option of donating via debit card or PayPal, the fees are as follows:

Transaction type

Processing fee

Debit cards




How can I access a report for donations made in foreign currencies? (UK only)

A report will be generated in your charity’s JustGiving account when we make monthly payments for foreign currency donations. It includes exactly the same information and all the donations that make up the payment are in GBP, so they match your payment details.

Follow these steps to access your report:

1. Log in to your charity account.

2. Click on the Reports tab and select Payment reports - donations made in other currencies ($):




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