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Donations made through Dignity Funeral Services

We’ve received a donation with ‘Dignity-xxx’ in the Third Party Reference column, where is this from?

JustGiving has a partnership with Dignity Funeral Services which allows families to add a JustGiving link to a Funeral Notice allowing friends and family to make donations in memory of the loved one for a cause close to their heart.

The Funeral Notice is kept online for up to 6 months after the funeral and donations can be made for the entire period the page is open.

How can I find the name and details of the deceased?

You can email Dignity Funeral Services at funeralnotices.support@dignityuk.co.uk and provide them with the 8 digit reference in your report, they will then be able to provide you with the name of the deceased and the web address of the Funeral Notice. 

Can I thank the donors and the person who created the page?

If the donor has opted to pass their details on to the charity their details will appear in your reports as normal.

We currently do not gain permission from the client to share their details with charities, but this is a feature we’re hoping to roll out soon.

For the time being you can contact the Funeral Director, whose details are on the Funeral Notice, who can liaise with their client on your behalf. If they are happy to share their contact details with you the Funeral Director can get you connected. 

How do we identify Dignity donations through our reports?

You can find the donation information in your JustGiving reports, here’s step by step instructions:

  • Log in to your charity account
  • Select “Reports” from the header
  • Select “Donations report
  • Enter the date range you wish to see donations from and download the report
  • Filter the column “Third Party Reference” to show only those with “Dignity” included.
  • If you want to see when the donations were paid to you look for the “Payment date” column.

If you’re still having problems locating the donations, please contact the JustGiving charity support team on charities@justgiving.com

Why is the amount displayed on the Funeral Notice different from the amount I can find in my reports?

There could be a few reasons why this is the case:

  • Donations can be made over the period of a number of months, so you may need to extend your donation report dates to capture all the donations
  • Gift Aid is not shown in the total of the Funeral Notice
  • Donation reports update at midnight, so any donations made today will appear on the Funeral Notice, but not in your reports.

If you’re having problems locating any of the donations, please contact the JustGiving charity support team on charities@justgiving.com

A donation is not showing on the Funeral Notice but a confirmation email has been received by the donor

If this is the case, it could be that the donation has been made directly to the charity though JustGiving and not through the Funeral Notice. As a charity you can search for the donation in your reports using the reference (in the donation receipt) and the date to see when the donation was sent to your charity.

How often are donations from Dignity sent to us?

Donations made through Dignity Funeral Notices are treated as a direct donation to your charity, so will be paid across in your usual payment schedule.

Can we be made aware when someone creates a Funeral Notice and adds a donation link to our charity?

Currently we aren’t able to do this, but it is a feature we would like to roll out in the future.



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